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The Power of the Cloud

Tracking your Time, Keeping you in Sync.

iSlips® Online is a stand-alone iPhone, iPad, and Android application that allows you to take your key Timeslips data with you while on the go. iSlips® Online is the fastest solution for tracking time and expenses because it takes advantage of the iPhone’s, iPad’s, and Android devices’ “always on” capability. No need to startup a slow computer to track that 15 minute call with a client. iSlips® Online can automatically start tracking time on a call made through the built in client dialing.

Works with Timeslips® 2006 and higher.

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Download the iSlips® Sync Desktop Application

iSlips® Sync


No signal? No problem.

Tracking your time in the courtroom is essential, yet most aren’t designed with cellphone connectivity in mind. Don’t let a lack of signal keep you from entering your time while you’re working, instead of after.


Everything you Need, Everywhere you Go.

  • Time Entry (with timers)
  • Time Increments (Rounding)
  • Start/Stop Time Calculator
  • Apple Watch App
  • Expense Entry
  • Mileage Calculator
  • Capture Receipt Images
    (Attach them to slips)
  • Slips, Clients, Matters, and Activities are kept wirelessly synced with Timeslips
  • Automatic Sync in Case of Lost Connection
  • Customized Security Level
  • Add New Clients
  • Client Dialing & Emailing
    with Automatic Slip Creation
  • Client Mapping (GPS)
  • Add New References
  • Recent Lists
    (“Top 20”, Clients, References, and Activities)
  • Reports
    (Hours Per Day, Dollars Per Day, and Slip Totals)
  • Slip Approval Process
  • Abbreviations
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Android devices
  • On Device Data Encryption


Short Term Commitment, Long Term Savings.

Both monthly and annual plans ensure the perfect fit for you.
$20/Month Per Person
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$200/Year Per Person
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No Matter How Far You Roam

Do you charge clients for mileage? iSlips® Online with its exclusive Mileage Calculator makes it fast and easy to capture mileage on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Calculating the mileage from your office to a client’s place of business is just 2 clicks.


From Anywhere

Timeslips® is a great time & billing product. Subscribe to iSlips® Online to extend the reach of Timeslips to your iPhone or iPad or Android devices, and make every second count.